NO.12 // RAZE

"Fire in the hole!"
  • Real Name
  • Origin
  • Affiliation
    Valorant Protocol
  • Duelist
    Number 12
Contract Skin
"Raze explodes out of Brazil with her big personality and big guns. With her blunt-force-trauma playstyle, she excels at flushing entrenched enemies and clearing tight spaces with a generous dose of 'boom'."

Raze's playstyle is very aggressive compared to many of the other agents in VALORANT, as most of her abilities are focused on mobility and damage instead of intel gathering or support. She is one of the few agents where most of her abilities are primarily meant to deal damage, namely Paint Shells and Showstopper. Her Blast Packs allow her to fly around the map alongside her Boom Bot.


Boom Bot

EQUIP a Boom Bot. FIRE will deploy the bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.
Type: Basic
Damage: 125
Duration: 10s
Uses: 1
Reset: N/A
Cost: 200
HP: 100

Blast Pack

INSTANTLY throw a Blast Pack that will stick to surfaces. RE-USE the ability after deployment to detonate, damaging and moving anything hit.
Type: Basic
Damage: 50 to Agents, 200 to Objects
Duration: 5s
Uses: 2
Reset: N/A
Cost: 200
Range: 1m

Paint Shells

EQUIP a cluster grenade. FIRE to throw the grenade, which does damage and creates sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in their range.
Type: Signature
Damage: 55 Initial, 55 Each Cluster Nades
Fuse Time: 2s Primary, 1.3s Cluster
Uses: 1
Reset: 2 Kills/Assists
Cost: Free


EQUIP a rocket launcher. FIRE shoots a rocket that does massive area damage on contact with anything.
Type: Ultimate
Damage: 150
Duration: 10s
Uses: 1
Reset: N/A
Cost: 7 Charges
Equip Time: 1.4s Initial, 0.7s Quick Equip